Your donation makes a huge and direct impact at MAA. When you make a donation, please feel free to specify which project you would like your donation to support.  88% percent of all MAA funds are put directly into projects and programs in the field, while only 12% of our funds are used for administration and fundraising. 

In 2016 and 2017, we plan to expand our programs and capabilities to include among others:

  • Assisting local communities to address challenges of governance and benefit-sharing in land, natural resource and wildlife management in 4 Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Expanding environmental education opportunities to more community groups in pastoralist villages
  • Scaling-up our Climate Change and Disaster Risks Reduction program in collaboration with partners
  • Reducing conflict between wildlife and local farmers and pastoralists
  • Augmenting our organization fundraising and development capabilities

The following are some examples of what your contribution can support:

A donation of…Can…For…
$1,500Construct a modern energy efficient cooking stove for a community schoolEver
$2,000Buy and install a predator-proof cattle fence for a householdEver
$3,500Develop a natural resource management plan for a village Ever
$4,500Buy all the necessary environmental education books a school needs1 year
$6,000Construct a rainwater harvesting tank for an average community schoolEver
$10,000Build a water supply raiser tank for a local school and neighbouring community Ever
$15,000Buy field gear for monitoring human-wildlife conflict in northern range lands5 years
$15,000Cover for the entire payroll of MAA1 month
And BIG money Can… For….
$45,000Buy 4x4 vehicle to be used for field programs5 years
$50,000Construct a human-wildlife conflict mitigation centre with all necessary facilitiesEver
$125,000Run a community environmental education Program1 year
$175,000Run a climate change mitigation program1 year