Environmental awareness for community and schools

MAA believes that information is power. Through our environmental education program, we have contributed over the years to the growth in the knowledge base of local community. We have done so because we always believe that local community empowerment is crucial for meaningful adaptation to emerging natural resource, environmental and livelihood challenges. We have for years focused our efforts to promote problem solving skills through various mechanisms but largely through both school environmental education and community dialogues programs. This program adopts a multidisciplinary approach which takes into account environmental concepts for infusion into the learning and teaching setup. This is a swing away from a knowledge-based approach in education towards a more skill-based approach that focuses on developing environmental, social and enterprise skills in community and school. This approach can be best described as “active learning”, a situation where a learner develops these qualities through hands-on experience, making the teaching-learning process more practical and meaningful.


Our Environmental Education program objectives:

  • Safeguard the natural resources management strategies of community livelihood significance
  • Protect the integrity of critical natural resources in rangelands
  • Mitigate environmental threats to people and biodiversity resources