Leadership and program management

Leadership and Accountability

The overall governing mandate of MAA rests in the hands of its members. The members have the authority to steer the organisation in the direction they desire as articulated in the constitution, vision and mission. This is done through formal Annual General Assembly Meetings as specified in the constitution. The General Assembly also approves various programs and plans, annual financial reports and constitutional amendments. The AGMs have another key role to endorse the members of the Board of Directors and a reputable external audit firm. The Board of Directors comprises seven members. Although it functions as a non-desk-bound entity, this Board works closely with the Management Team to provide guidance and ensure adherence to MAA constitution, financial management and operational guidelines. The Board of Directors meets twice annually, but may meet as often as need arises.

Our Team

Apart from recruiting a few highly experienced and qualified permanent staff, MAA makes use of interns and volunteers. The interns and volunteers are provided with an opportunity to work alongside experienced staff in issues analysis, program development and management, documentation, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation to gain skills, experience, confidence and connections. MAA makes use of local volunteers in many of our field programs. International volunteers are also utilized as we believe that they are normally qualified and experienced individuals who want to contribute their intellectual expertise and share cultural exchange values in promoting creativity and new innovations in programming. Please contact MAA in case you need to volunteer with us. 

Program Sustainability

We design and support our programs in a manner that will sustain them in a long term and as per needs of rangeland communities. One key option that we often promote is to develop a strong institutional engagement of our local partners and beneficiaries and gradually reduce the direct engagement of our staff in activities to be implemented by local communities. Another is the on-going building of a robust culture of openness, transparency and integrity in our financial management, in order to continue building the trust and confidence of our constituency, development partners and donors. MAA also strives to build a strong network and linkage with like-minded local partners working on similar objectives and where possible we have been carrying out joint programs to minimize unnecessary costs.

Financial Accountability

MAA is cognisant of the fact that its reputation and image depend on how it manages resources in an ethical and transparent manner. In place are pragmatic management and financial control policies and mechanisms that over the years have helped MAA to deliver intended work and account for every shilling/dollar to its constituency, partners and donors.